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Foster Agency | A private, non-profit organization in Northern California, dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.


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Foster Agency | We Need a Solution!

Foster Agency | Every day hundreds of High School students wake up and don’t have a clean pair of clothes to wear or a winter coat. These are just a few of the needs among dozens of others that stand as barriers keeping these teens from fitting in and succeeding in High School.

We found that 1/3 of homeless adults were homeless as teens and never broke out of the cycle. In our area alone, we have over 300 high school students who don’t know where they will sleep each night, have had parents abandoned them, or who can’t get access to the things they need because they don’t have an adult who cares. When we realized just how severe this problem is, we took action to solve the immediate needs and prevent future homelessness among these teens.

Children First’s Design and Process

The board of directors at Children First elected to invest over $30,000 to create funding allowances for High Schools through Tehama, Shasta, and Siskiyou counties. We are actively soliciting private and corporate funds to include more schools and sustain the funding resources into the future.


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We organize a variety of events that help the public learn about and get
involved with fostering. These events include charity drives, community
service, and information sessions where you can learn more about the
agency and how to get involved.

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“Respite care is a great way to help a child and other foster families. We have also found it is a great way to meet kids and to get to know a bit about them, it has introduced more cultural diversity to our home, and has aided us in teaching our biological children to be more tolerant and understanding of a wider range of backgrounds. Afterwards, if the FFA calls looking for a longer term placement of a child that we have had as a respite we can make a more informed decision as in regards to if they will be a good match with our home and family.”

Foster Parents, D. and A. 

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