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Every day hundreds of High School students wake up and don’t have a clean pair of clothes to wear or a winter coat. These are just a few of the needs among dozens of others that stand as barriers keeping these teens from fitting in and succeeding in High School.

We found that 1/3 of homeless adults were homeless as teens and never broke out of the cycle. In our area alone, we have over 300 high school students who don’t know where they will sleep each night, have had parents abandoned them, or who can’t get access to the things they need because they don’t have an adult who cares. When we realized just how severe this problem is, we took action to solve the immediate needs and prevent future homelessness among these teens.

OUR MISSION:  Children First Foster Family Agency has been serving the needs of at-risk children for 18 years. As our agency has grown, our vision to increase the scope of services to children, including those outside the foster care system has also enlarged. After hearing about a surprisingly large number of High School students who are classified as homeless, we were compelled to act.

The Design and Process

The Board of Directors at Children First elected to invest over $30,000 to create funding allowances for High Schools through Tehama, Shasta, and Siskiyou counties. We are actively soliciting private and corporate funds to include more schools and sustain the funding resources into the future.

We determined that on-campus High School counselors and administrative staff and have the best vantage point to identify youth who are experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness. We ask them to appraise the needs that are preventing students from participating fully in their High School educational, social and athletic opportunities, and communicate those needs to us; keeping the student’s identity anonymous.

The individual needs are considered among a funding council at Children First. They weigh the needs against funding balances for the school from which the request was made. Upon approval, the needed items are purchased, delivered to the school administration who then give the items to the students.

How can you help?

We don’t have storage to receive donated items, and we are working hard to get each student what they want in specifics of color and brand whenever possible, so financial donations are the best way to get these needs met. You can donate by clicking on the Donate button below. Select the high school you want your donation to benefit and make your check or credit card payment through the payment options provided. If you don’t have a specific high school in mind, just click “Wherever Needed” on the dropdown menu. You will receive an email confirming your tax deduction receipt for your donation.

Increase Awareness: You may know of a High School student who is struggling, couch-surfing, or appears to not have adults who are caring for them. Please contact your High School administration office and give them the student’s name, recommending them for assistance from the Solutions for Youth Fund. They will confidentially reach out to the student and see what can be done to help. Join us in this and help us secure their future!


Children First FFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

Children First FFA is grateful for the generous donations made by our local sponsors.

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