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Enjoy these tips and tricks on foster parenting!
Boy eating a biscuit from a biscuit bowl
Helping Foster Children Overcome Eating Disorders

Some foster children have experienced the trauma of not having enough to eat. Others...

Bullied teen sitting on cement slab on city street
How to Address Bullying, A Problem That Many Foster Children Face

Bullying is a prevalent problem in American schools. In 2015, almost a quarter of...

Developmental process of boy looking at school book
Developmental Challenges That a Foster Child Might Face

Foster children enter the system when there’s been a traumatic situation in their family,...

Young girl with blonde hair smiling
Helping a Foster Child Heal from Trauma

Whether you’re a foster parent or an adoptive parent, you may encounter a child...

Two Local Boys Playing in a Cornfield
4 Huge Advantages to Adopting Locally

Now that you’ve decided to adopt, the next question is whether to adopt a...

Foster Adopt/Adoption Shasta County CA
Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Foster Adopt in Shasta County

Foster parenting and foster adoption are noble undertakings. But they’re not for everyone. So...

Adjusting to Life After Foster Adoption in Shasta County

The decision to foster adopt in Shasta County is a life-changing decision—both for the...

Success Stories to Encourage Redding Parents Who Want to Foster Adopt

Perhaps you’ve heard the horror stories and statistics of foster children gone bad. But...

How Foster Care Adoption in Shasta County Will Impact Homelessness

We see homeless people in Shasta County every day, but most people are unaware...

Facts and Myths About Foster Care in Shasta County

There are hundreds of children in foster care in Shasta County. These children have...

Shaping the World and Our Futures Through Foster Adoption in Shasta County

A foster child is defined as a child looked after temporarily or brought up...

Photo collage of a girl and a boy holding Adopt sign
Important Qualifications to Foster Adopt in Shasta County

The practical requirements to foster adopt in Shasta County are mostly straightforward. You must...

Blonde white mother and Asian child snuggling
Foster Care Adoption: Advantages of Adopting through Foster Care in Shasta County

If you’re considering adoption, it’s important to know your options. The first decision you’ll...

Photo of Multiracial Family Eating Dinner
National Adoption Month: Why Shasta County Foster Adoption Is Important

Steve Jobs was adopted. So was Maya Angelou, Babe Ruth, President Gerald Ford, Nat...

Resources That Help After You Foster Adopt in Siskiyou County

If you’ve elected to foster adopt in Siskiyou County, we’re sure it was no...

Father Holding Daughter's Hand
Things to Know When Becoming Involved With Tehama County Foster Care

It’s no small thing to decide to become a foster parent. It takes a...

Foster parenting shasta county
Preparing for Foster Parenting in Tehama County

Every child needs a healthy, supportive home environment. With foster parenting, you can provide...

Things to Know About Foster Care and Foster Parenting in Shasta County

There are plenty of opinions and preconceived notions, as well as a lot of...

Happy Kids
Circumstances That Often Lead to a Shasta County Foster Care Placement

As a foster parent, you must recognize that you’ll be opening your home to...

Shasta County Foster Care Guide to National Adoption Month

It has been 19 years since November was officially recognized as National Adoption Month,...

Key Facts and Figures of the Foster Care System on a National, California and Shasta County Level

Many people don’t realize how many children are placed into foster care on a...

Foster care shasta county
What You Can Expect During the Shasta County Foster Care Home Study Process

Choosing to open up your home and become a foster parent is one of...

Foster parenting shasta county
Differences Between Foster Parenting and Foster Adoption

Providing a foster child in need with a loving, stable environment is a rewarding...

Parenting Wisdom For Those Looking to Foster Adopt in Shasta County

Most mothers and fathers find that just when they conquer one phase of parenting...

Strategies For Successful Shasta County Foster Parenting

Becoming a foster parent is a rewarding experience for families and individuals who are...

fishing with foster dad shasta county
Bonding After Your Shasta County Foster Adoption

While love is definitely an important factor in any relationship, it’s necessary to recognize...

Foster Parenting in Shasta County Changes Lives For the Better

Foster parenting is a term that almost everyone has heard of, but few realize...

How the Decision to Foster Adopt Can Positively Influence a Shasta County Foster Child

Parenting any child, biological or otherwise, takes patience, love and commitment. However, foster parenting...

Types of Shasta County Foster Care Placements

Numerous children continue to enter the foster care system every day, each with a...

Foster parenting daughters shasta county
Support Foster Adoption in Redding During National Adoption Month

Every child deserves to grow up in a loving, stable home environment that promotes...

Foster care shasta county Candy
Baked Cotton Balls

Smashing ball fun for you and your 2-5 year old. Materials and Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1...

Foster care shasta county Cake
Is Sugar Addiction Real?

YES! A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Harvard’s...

Often Unrecognized Safety Hazards in the Household

Accidents can happen in an instant. While most household hazards are commonly known and...

What You Can Do to Help Children in the Foster Care System

Children of all ages and backgrounds are placed into the Shasta County foster care...

Foster care shasta county Baby
Sleep…It’s Overrated! Or is it?

Sleep is one of the most important (and easy) things that we can do...

Foster care shasta county baking
Muddy Snowballs

Chocolate-lovers will devour this cocoa version of snowballs, the classic holiday cookie. To make...

Toys for Foster parenting shasta county
Managing Holiday Stress

Wrapped up with the enthusiasm of holiday fun, excitement, busyness, activities, and celebration is...

Tips For Foster Care Families During the Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be an especially joyful and magical time of year,...

Halloween Safety

Fun Fall Party Mix

Have fun with this recipe. Ingredients can be added or substituted for personal preference. Make it...

Baking Foster care shasta county Events
Candy Cottages

This is an activity for those that the thought of actually making and cutting...

Creative Gift Idea

Foster care Family walking shasta county
4 Reasons Foster Parents Are Always Needed in Shasta County

If you are sensitive to the plight of abused children who have been removed...

Exercise Makes You Smarter

What????!!!  It’s true! Exercise can boost your intelligence with benefits from children through seniors...


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