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Reasons to Adopt | Have You Considered Foster To Adopt?

Reasons To Adopt

3 Reasons To Adopt Reasons to Adopt | At Children First FFA, we focus on reuniting foster children with their birth families, whenever possible. This happens in many cases, but it is simply not possible for all children. When a reunion is not going to be a viable option, adoption becomes the new priority. There…

THP Plus | The Importance of the THP Plus Program

THP Plus

THP Plus | Providing a safe and caring home for children under the age of 18 is an extremely important mission. But what happens when those kids turn 18 and move beyond the scope of the foster system? Unfortunately, many of them are put in the difficult situation of being forced to provide for themselves…

Foster Care Agency | How To Make A Difference With Foster Care

foster care programs
Foster Care Agency | Being a resource parent can be a very difficult but also very important job. It can be perceived as difficult to make a real difference because children may only be spending a short amount of time in your care. However, even when there for a short time it is still important…

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