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Articles and Resources | How to Prepare for Respite: Respite is a much needed service to fostering families. It allows foster parents to take a break, which helps prevent burn out. Respite offers birth children of the foster home quality time with their parents. It also gives the foster children a break.
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Anxiety in Children: How Parents Can Help: Children experience various states of fear and anxiety from the moment they are born. Sometimes it is easy to tell if a child is anxious by their crying and clinging behaviors. But sometimes, it is difficult to identify anxiety in children. Some children hide their anxiety because it is too difficult for them to express it to others. Some children turn their anxiety into angry tantrums or defiant behaviors.

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Worry Wise Kids: Are you worrying about your anxious child? You are not alone. Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing children and adolescents today, but it is also the most treatable. If you are the parent of one of the millions of children who suffer from excessive fears and anxieties, we’re here to help.   Read More

Changes in Children’s Behavior before and after parent visits (ages birth to 5):  Visits between foster children and their biological parents are important. They allow children to maintain contact with their birth family. However, these visits can be difficult for foster children, birth parents and foster parents.

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Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting:
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Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem
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Teaching Your Child Self-Control
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Creating A Family is a national infertility, adoption & foster care education and support nonprofit. Their mission is to strengthen families through unbiased education and support for infertility parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, and allied professionals. Read more about Creating A Family.