Foster Care and Parenting in Shasta County

Foster Care and Parenting in Shasta County | Every day, families in Shasta County that are committed to foster parenting are positively transforming their communities by providing loving, caring, and secure environments for children living in foster care. Working with Children First Foster Family Agency will allow you the support and resources needed to become a successful foster care home.

Restoring a child’s hope in their future just by offering your home as a safe haven and seeing it truly make a significant change in their life will allow you the chance to reap rewards far beyond the scope of what you could imagine. You have the power to turn the troubles of a Shasta County child around by giving them a better experience through foster care. Even just a few years can make a lifetime of difference.

Although reunifying foster children with their birth families is often the primary goal, temporary placements can eventually lead into the need for permanent solutions, and that’s when we look for foster parents that are in a favorable position and enthusiastic about the possibility of foster adoption.

Are you considering a foster parenting role or interested in learning more about the qualifications to become a foster parent? Find out how to get involved today in Shasta County foster care and foster adoption by contacting Children First Foster Family Agency.

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Shasta County Foster Services is available to answer any questions you may have about becoming an adoptive parent. We also offer pre- and post-adoption services to assist and support you throughout the process and into the future.

Shasta County Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services of Shasta County defends children’s rights and makes certain they are given the opportunity to blossom in a safe and healthy environment. With the help of the community, children have a better chance of experiencing positive outcomes.