Foster Care and Parenting in Redding

Foster Care and Parenting in Redding | Have you been looking for a way to make a real difference in the Redding community?

foster care and parenting ReddingOne of the most noteworthy ways of doing so is by opening your home to provide foster care to children in need. Foster parenting can alleviate the worries and fears of children who have no other place to call home and give them renewed hope for a bright future.

Offering up your time and a safe, stable residence to receive a placement from the Children First Foster Family Agency in Redding will result in a rewarding experience for both you and the children you’re taking in. It requires a special person to selflessly show children that they are loved at a time when they may need it the most, possibly changing their outlook on life for the better.

Children First social workers will be more than happy to go over the specific qualifications for becoming a foster parent, which can lead to foster adoption if the circumstances allow for it. Though the most favorable outcome is to reunite families, that isn’t always possible, and foster adoption turns out to be a desirable solution for making sure these children end up in a good home.


We believe there are all kinds of parents for all kinds of children and strive to find the ones who truly understand the needs of a child, ensuring successful foster care. Contact Children First Foster Family Agency today to learn more about foster parenting in Redding.

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Shasta County Adoption Resources

Shasta County Adoptions

Shasta County Foster Services is available to answer any questions you may have about becoming an adoptive parent. We also offer pre- and post-adoption services to assist and support you throughout the process and into the future.

Shasta County Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services of Shasta County defends children’s rights and makes certain they are given the opportunity to blossom in a safe and healthy environment. With the help of the community, children have a better chance of experiencing positive outcomes.

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