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Mike Logan

Founder & CEO

I was born in the mountains of Colorado. However, we moved to Yuba City, California when I was 11 and lived there until 18 when I joined the military. After joining the military, which included several leadership schools, I spent time working at the Pentagon.  It was an exciting time as I worked in support of MIA / POW families. I also supported the congressmen on the Armed Services Committee, some of which were also on the Watergate committee.

After my military experience, I gained life experience by working in factories, mines and lumber mills in Colorado and California. I also attended college and, during my senior year, was asked to run the first medical model Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center at Memorial Hospital which later became Redding Medical Center.

During this time, as my wife and I were busy building our lives and our future, we realized that there was something missing and we wanted to have children in our lives. This is when we first considered becoming foster parents.

It took us over a year to make that decision. At first, we had to come to grips with the idea that opening up our home to children in need was “not about us but about them.”  The thoughts of how we would enjoy having children in our home were replaced by what can we do for these children. Healing, love, and support are what these children needed from us!

Then, in December of 1995, God brought twin 7-year-old boys into the Logan household.  What a blessing and what a challenge! However, we never questioned the decision we had made. It has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of our lives, and a great privilege to raise these children into adulthood.

Now, 18 years later, we see the fruits of the relationship we have with our children.  They are both married and we have 4 grandchildren and one more on the way.

We have always thought of these children as “our own”, from the first morning we brought them home.  It was a week before Christmas and it was a Christmas we will never forget.

It was from this experience that the idea of creating a foster family agency came about. As with all of my endeavors over the past 30 years, I wanted to “be involved with changing people’s lives”! So in 1999, I founded the Children First Foster Family Agency, followed by Children First Counseling Agency in 2007, and Lassen Counseling Agency in 2011.

In addition, I have also had the privilege of founding the first Christian Treatment Center for alcohol and drug addiction in Northern California, the first Immediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD-H), and I have served in several agencies that address the needs of children and adolescents.  I currently serve in the leadership of my church and provide executive coaching for individuals who have asked for my guidance. Most recently, I was asked to become president of the board of directors for a nonprofit dedicated to the identification and cure of Kawasaki Disease.

My past, present, and future are deeply entwined with serving people, especially those in need and I am dedicated to helping them to a healthier, happier, quality of life.

Michael B. Logan Founder and CEO

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Our Reviews

Hear from our families why they recommend Children First Foster Family Agency

“My husband and I have worked with children for many years in child care and foster care. Children First Foster Family Agency with emphasis on “family” is a wonderful agency who takes their parents in and treats them like one of their own. The children are the top priority and seeing that the child’s needs are met, be it counseling, family visitation, transportation, doctor appointments and all of the daily requirements needed to help the children grow, strive and become successful members of society. Children First also follows the children after becoming adults, with another program that ensures they will be successful after aging out of Foster Care. I have found for myself, when I am in need, that I can depend on my Social Worker [Barbara], to help with the issues and working through until the issues are complete and solved and if my Social Worker [Barbara] is not available at the time, there are many more qualified workers to step in and save the day. This agency has my top vote!”

“Foster parenting is an amazing journey. It can be the most rewarding experience of your life and then sometimes it can be overwhelmingly stressful and traumatic. So many of the children we serve have suffered such significant trauma that no matter how much experience, skill and education you have raising kids, you may still need some help to figure out how best to meet that child’s needs.  That’s where we were.  An experienced foster home with a great track record of helping and reunifying children in the system. We thought we could handle most challenges. Then we got a child who had so many bad things happen to him he couldn’t cope, didn’t appear to want to cope and seemed incapable of change. We struggled to relate to him as did our other children and extended family. No matter how hard we tried we just weren’t getting anywhere and he was not improving.   He became an ITFC child and we were trained as an ITFC home.  It was a Godsend! The ITFC program is a great resource for our whole family! The extra training continues to enhance our ability to understand our child’s unique challenges and develop ways to help him while supporting the whole family.  We are still in the midst of this journey but we no longer feel that we are in it alone.

“Respite care is a great way to help a child and other foster families. We have also found it is a great way to meet kids and to get to know a bit about them, it has introduced more cultural diversity to our home, and has aided us in teaching our biological children to be more tolerant and understanding of a wider range of backgrounds. Afterwards, if the FFA calls looking for a longer term placement of a child that we have had as a respite we can make a more informed decision as in regards to if they will be a good match with our home and family.”

“As struggling foster youth we all look for a program such as Children First, something or someone to give us a hand in managing our lives. My social worker, Barbara Davis, not only helps me succeed, but also supports and counsels me in life’s everyday big decisions. I can rely on her for help or just good advice when things get tough. Children First changed my life, they help me make the great decisions to bring me to where I am today and I couldn’t be happier. Words can’t describe my gratitude for THP Plus for allowing me to participate in this awesome program. Even the staff.  I appreciate the positive vibes I feel when I walk in the Children First office; the staff are warm and they welcome you with a bright smile. This program and everyone who runs it are a true blessing.”

“My wife and I got involved with foster care nearly four years ago. We started down this path because we had a strong desire to adopt children. Our first taste of foster care occurred under some weekend respites, which were actually fun to do. Most of our placements were sibling groups, which were rather difficult, yet enjoyable. We were able to help potty train several kids, teach them, feed them, nurture them, and reach several life milestones together. Transitioning and preparing you for a child going back is horribly hard to endure, but it is part of the experience one may encounter while doing foster care. I remember taking some of the children on walks through the woods and their faces lit up when they saw everything around them. We also really enjoyed going to the movies with them, and watching them try new foods at different restaurants, going to a park to play, and reading to them at night. We are currently in a plan of adoption with a child we have had since 1 day old. My wife and I routinely receive support from our social worker, Barbara Davis, as well as the pastor from church.”

“We got a lot of support from the visit supervisors, social workers, and the foster parents. It made me feel like I mattered and that I wasn’t going to be just another statistic.”

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Our Reviews
Our reviews

Help Homeless Youth | We Need a Solution!

Every day hundreds of High School students wake up and don’t have a clean pair of clothes to wear or a winter coat. These are just a few of the needs among dozens of others that stand as barriers keeping these teens from fitting in and succeeding in High School.

We found that 1/3 of homeless adults were homeless as teens and never broke out of the cycle. In our area alone, we have over 300 high school students who don’t know where they will sleep each night, have had parents abandoned them, or who can’t get access to the things they need because they don’t have an adult who cares. When we realized just how severe this problem is, we took action to solve the immediate needs and prevent future homelessness among these teens.

OUR MISSION:  Children First Foster Family Agency has been serving the needs of at-risk children for 18 years. As our agency has grown, our vision to increase the scope of services to children, including those outside the foster care system has also enlarged. After hearing about a surprisingly large number of High School students who are classified as homeless, we were compelled to act.

Testimonials From Recent Donations

This gift provided clothing that was the right size and not worn out. I now have shoes that do not hurt my feet. I feel more confident in my appearance. I felt like a little girl at Christmas many years ago (I have not had many Christmas’ since) and felt like someone really cares about me. The backpack and supplies were very helpful, but overall this program reaching out helped me feel valued so I could be successful.

Once again I have no words to express how thankful we are for the clothing to gave to this student. This student is living in extreme poverty! The family is living in a small trailer with over 8 people. He is a student who wears the same clothing everyday. He has a hard time washing his cloths and he knows they smell but they are all he has. He was very overwhelmed with your kindness. It truly touched his heart and ours.

Thank you again for caring for our students!!!! SYF is  making a big difference in kids lives!!!

The boy who recently received the clothes and food smiled so big when he saw new socks.  He only had on one sock that day and asked if he could put on a pair of socks right away.  He was wearing the same clothes he’d been wearing for the last few weeks.  He couldn’t believe how many things were in the bag and just kept saying “Thank you!”  When I saw him the next day, he had on all new clothes and shoes.  He walked with his head up and had a smile on his face.

Today, a senior male received clothes, a new jacket, pants, and a phone.  He was so excited and kept saying, “thank you, thank you so much”

“I’m so happy right now.  I’m just so happy right now. Thank you!” He always wears the same clothes every day and has poor hygiene due to being unable to change clothes often.  He left with a big bag of clothes and a big smile on his face.  He was in disbelief.

Once again I feel like saying thank you is not enough to express my gratitude!! Thank you so very much for the children`s clothing you provided for our young teen mom. She was so overwhelmed with your kindness! This student is doing life mostly on her own with little support. She was so worried about where she was going to get the money to buy winter clothing for her two children. I could see the a lot of her stress leave.

Thank you again!!!

Junior female who lives with grandma in trailer park hugged me when I handed her the phone.  She smiled big and said, “Now i have a number to put down for jobs.”

Thank you for the clothes that were provided to me. They have helped me a lot for my children. Now my children will be able to be warmer for these coming months. I appreciate the things your organization does for me. Thank you very much!

This gift helped my children with warm clothes. They did not have warm clothes. This helped tremendously. I feel relief in knowing my children will be warm. Not having the stress of wondering how to go about.

There is a way that these gifts helped me. The first is I have more clothing. The second is that I am very grateful for these. I feel very happy that you guys did this for me and I am grateful and also my heart felt warm when I got them.

The Design and Process

The Board of Directors at Children First elected to invest over $30,000 to create funding allowances for High Schools through Tehama, Shasta, and Siskiyou counties. We are actively soliciting private and corporate funds to include more schools and sustain the funding resources into the future.

We determined that on-campus High School counselors and administrative staff and have the best vantage point to identify youth who are experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness. We ask them to appraise the needs that are preventing students from participating fully in their High School educational, social and athletic opportunities, and communicate those needs to us; keeping the student’s identity anonymous.

The individual needs are considered among a funding council at Children First. They weigh the needs against funding balances for the school from which the request was made. Upon approval, the needed items are purchased, delivered to the school administration who then give the items to the students.

How can you help?

We don’t have storage to receive donated items, and we are working hard to get each student what they want in specifics of color and brand whenever possible, so financial donations are the best way to get these needs met. You can donate by clicking on the Donate button below. Select the high school you want your donation to benefit and make your check or credit card payment through the payment options provided. If you don’t have a specific high school in mind, just click “Wherever Needed” on the dropdown menu. You will receive an email confirming your tax deduction receipt for your donation.

Increase Awareness: You may know of a High School student who is struggling, couch-surfing, or appears to not have adults who are caring for them. Please contact your High School administration office and give them the student’s name, recommending them for assistance from the Solutions for Youth Fund. They will confidentially reach out to the student and see what can be done to help. Join us in this and help us secure their future!


Children First FFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible.

Your Donations in Action

Children First FFA is grateful for the generous donations made by our local sponsors.


Help us provide necessary items for under-privileged and homeless youth.

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