Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)

Be a Foster ParentIntensive Services Foster Care serves children and youth who have complex needs that require more support than standard foster care. ISFC homes blend carefully matched ISFC foster parents with the normalizing features of foster care, a variety of services, and an individualized treatment plan, all of which focus on the unique situation and needs of the individual child or youth. ISFC uses a team approach to treatment with the ISFC foster parent(s) being vital members of the treatment team, all of whom are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the child to be a foster parent.

Support Services & Requirements

In addition, ISFC Foster Parents receive additional training, focused in-home support, intense case management, assistance from other service providers and a monthly reimbursement rate of more than twice the standard foster home in order to provide care and life change for these children.

Because of the intensity of the program, our ISFC foster parents need to be experienced in foster care or belong to a professional field that equips them with the knowledge and skill necessary to work with these children. While skills and knowledge are important, it is crucial to have an open heart and the desire to care for a child with complex needs.

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“Foster parenting is an amazing journey. It can be the most rewarding experience of your life and then sometimes it can be overwhelmingly stressful and traumatic. So many of the children we serve have suffered such significant trauma that no matter how much experience, skill and education you have raising kids, you may still need some help to figure out how best to meet that child’s needs.  That’s where we were.  An experienced foster home with a great track record of helping and reunifying children in the system. We thought we could handle most challenges. Then we got a child who had so many bad things happen to him he couldn’t cope, didn’t appear to want to cope and seemed incapable of change. We struggled to relate to him as did our other children and extended family. No matter how hard we tried we just weren’t getting anywhere and he was not improving.   He became an ISFC child and we were trained as an ITFC home.  It was a Godsend! The ISFC program is a great resource for our whole family! The extra training continues to enhance our ability to understand our child’s unique challenges and develop ways to help him while supporting the whole family.  We are still in the midst of this journey but we no longer feel that we are in it alone. Kelly, Foster Parent

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