Foster Care and Parenting in Red Bluff

Foster Care and Parenting in Red Bluff | Children First Foster Family Agency is dedicated to supporting the Red Bluff community through ensuring the safety and welfare of its children. In order to do this, we require the assistance of nurturing foster care families who are just as committed to offering a stable environment as our social workers are to finding appropriate homes.

Foster parenting can be provided by people with all types of backgrounds who vary in age, occupation, marital status and nationality. However, the one thing foster parents all have in common is the devotion to helping children acquire their needs for a loving and healthy family situation. All children placed in foster care should find a refuge in their new surroundings, however temporary it may be, and have access to quality education and medical care.

In some cases where reunification is not deemed possible, Children First social workers will work with families interested in foster care adoption. Going the extra mile with foster adoption secures a home for children who cannot be rejoined with their birth families, still giving them the opportunity to have a positive and promising future with the guidance of a family.

If you think this may be the right situation for you and your family, contact Children First Foster Family Agency to learn more about Foster Care and Parenting in Red Bluff and foster care adoption.

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