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Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County | Two Distinct Foster Parenting Options

by Children First FFA

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County

When you decide that you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Shasta County, it’s likely that you have one of two types of situations in mind. You may be thinking more about short-term care for foster children, helping them get through a rough patch before they are reunited with their families. That’s a…

Foster Care Parent Requirements in Shasta County | Tips for Prospective Foster Parents

by Children First FFA

Foster Care Parent Requirements in Shasta County

As you work on meeting the foster care parent requirements in Shasta County, you may have a few questions – and some nervous feelings about what is to come. It’s an exciting time, for sure, but it can also be a little intimidating. Let’s work through a few tips for prospective foster parents to hopefully…

How To Become A Foster Parent In California | My Personal Experience

by Children First FFA

how to become a foster parent in california

How To Become A Foster Parent in California | Foster parenting is what you make of it. Ideally you will use it as a fulfilling way to help children become better versions of themselves. Although everyone’s experience is slightly different there are certain lessons that most foster parents learn to be true. Here are some…

Foster Parenting | Changing times – Changing language

by Children First FFA

foster parents

You may have noticed that we are using the term Resource Family interchangeably with Foster Parent. The primary reason for this is the government’s decision to morph language to better fit the needs of children and the aspirations of the child welfare system. Here’s how they define it: “A Resource Family is any individual, couple,…

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