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Foster To Adopt | A Biological Child’s Perspective to Adopting a Child

by Children First FFA

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Foster To Adopt | A Biological Child’s Perspective to Adopting a Child Foster To Adopt | Adopting a child is a great act that can benefit not only the adopted child but everyone involved as well. With that being said, it is not always an easy transition to make especially for your biological children that…

How to Talk to Foster Adopted Children About Their Birth Parents

by Children First FFA

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Children who’ve been adopted through the foster system usually come from troubled situations. Talking about their birth parents may be difficult and sensitive, but it’s still important to find ways to approach the topic. Adopted children have reported being concerned that it would hurt their parents’ feelings if they asked questions about their birth parents.…

Keep Your Cool During the Foster Adoption Process

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Being a parent is stressful, especially when a child in the family is a new member or has underlying behavioral issues. Many mothers find themselves shrieking at their children as they run around trying to please everyone’s needs and desires. Fathers often bark orders at children after a long and stressful work day. Most of…

Help Your New Family Bond with Foster Care Adoption

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In 2008, nearly 136 thousand children were adopted. Of these about 37 percent were foster children adopted by the family of their placement. Children born and raised within their biological family are usually provided the opportunity to feel connected to their parents, siblings and grandparents long before they enter this world. Unfortunately, the same is…

Helping Foster Children Overcome Eating Disorders

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Some foster children have experienced the trauma of not having enough to eat. Others turn to food to feel a sense of control in the middle of out-of-control circumstances or emotions. For these reasons, they may exhibit a variety of unhealthy food obsessions—even at extremely young ages. It’s important that foster and adoptive parents know…

4 Huge Advantages to Adopting Locally

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Now that you’ve decided to adopt, the next question is whether to adopt a child locally, domestically, or internationally. There are children everywhere that need homes, but there are a few benefits to adopting one (or several) from your local area through foster care adoption. The child can stay in his home area. With all…

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Foster Adopt in Shasta County

Foster Adopt/Adoption Shasta County CA

Foster parenting and foster adoption are noble undertakings. But they’re not for everyone. So how can you tell if you’re cut out for the task? The foster adoption agency in Shasta County will take you through an application process, but there are still a few more questions you should ask yourself before committing to it.…

Adjusting to Life After Foster Adoption in Shasta County

The decision to foster adopt in Shasta County is a life-changing decision—both for the adoptive parents and the adoptive child. Getting through the adoption process can be challenging by itself, but then there are also ongoing adjustments that need to take place for a healthy and happy life together. Grieving Losses Foster children—especially older ones—may…

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