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Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County | Two Distinct Foster Parenting Options

by Children First FFA

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County

When you decide that you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Shasta County, it’s likely that you have one of two types of situations in mind. You may be thinking more about short-term care for foster children, helping them get through a rough patch before they are reunited with their families. That’s a…

Becoming a Resource Parent | The Basics of Being a Resource Parent

by Children First FFA

Becoming A Resource Parent

If you are considering becoming a resource parent in the state of California, you may have more questions than answers early in the process. And that’s okay! Don’t let a little bit of confusion keep you away from what could be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience. We won’t be able to answer every question…

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