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Foster Parenting in Siskiyou County | Don’t Let Foster Parenting Unknowns Hold You Back

by Children First FFA

Foster Parenting in Siskiyou County

Thinking About Foster Parenting in Siskiyou County? Many people are drawn to foster parenting for the tremendous good that it can mean for the life of a child – and the many emotional rewards that come with doing the job. However, it is easy to let the unknowns that come along with welcoming a child…

Foster Parent Spotlight: The Joys and Pains of Being A Resource Family

foster family in Siskiyou County

Foster Family in Siskiyou County | A letter from the Akana family: Hi everyone! We’re the Akanas, and we’re a foster family in Siskiyou County. We’ve been with the Children First Foster Family Agency for about 7 years now. My husband (who just retired from the county last year), our daughter (who lives with us…

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