Foster Care Parents Can Promote Healthy Lifestyles


As the need for two incomes has become more necessary many families are finding it difficult to make healthy choices. Parents are working more and their children are hooked on digital “babysitters”. However, with a little preparation, parents can promote healthy lifestyles for themselves and their kids. Plan ahead. Unlike pre-packaged and frozen meals, healthy…

How to Talk to Foster Adopted Children About Their Birth Parents

by Children First FFA

foster parenting

Children who’ve been adopted through the foster system usually come from troubled situations. Talking about their birth parents may be difficult and sensitive, but it’s still important to find ways to approach the topic. Adopted children have reported being concerned that it would hurt their parents’ feelings if they asked questions about their birth parents.…

How To Get Started in Foster Care

by Children First FFA

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Around 425,000 children are in the United States foster care system. Unfortunately, in many areas, there is an ongoing shortage of foster parents. While there may be a number of factors influencing this problem, it’s not as difficult to get started in foster care as some may think. Here is an overview of the process.…

Keep Your Cool During the Foster Adoption Process

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Being a parent is stressful, especially when a child in the family is a new member or has underlying behavioral issues. Many mothers find themselves shrieking at their children as they run around trying to please everyone’s needs and desires. Fathers often bark orders at children after a long and stressful work day. Most of…

Shasta County Support Services Make Foster Parenting Easier


With more than 62 thousand foster children in the California system, it is important for families to have the support and guidance needed to provide quality care. Luckily, children and parents in the foster care system are provided with many services to ensure the stable success of families. The services offered go far beyond those…

Help Your New Family Bond with Foster Care Adoption

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In 2008, nearly 136 thousand children were adopted. Of these about 37 percent were foster children adopted by the family of their placement. Children born and raised within their biological family are usually provided the opportunity to feel connected to their parents, siblings and grandparents long before they enter this world. Unfortunately, the same is…

Foster Parenting in the Digital Age

by Children First FFA

Foster Parenting

Trying to protect a child in your home, whether they be biological, adopted or fostered, can be a daunting task as entertainment devices, social media, and the internet permeate our society. The risk for access by predators or the viewing of inappropriate content is not affected by who cares for a child. While biological parents…

Foster Care Agencies Provide Options for Caregivers

by Children First FFA

Foster Parents

Raising children is no easy task, but when caring for someone else’s children, it can be even more difficult. Right now, there are nearly 60,000 foster children in California and more than 600 of them are currently living with families in Shasta County. Many of these children have psychological or behavioral issues stemming from emotional…

4 Myths About Foster Parenting

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Foster parenting is quite a bit different than parenting biological children. For those who are new to foster care, there may be a few surprising realities. Here are some of the most common myths that foster parents encounter when they venture into this whole new world. Myth: My foster child will be grateful I rescued…

True Success Stories of Foster Care

by Children First FFA

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Too many times, we hear about negative things that happen in foster care, but there are many true stories of foster children who have been helped. Here are several stories of both parents and children that are sure to inspire you. Eric & Jaci Hasemeyer The Hasemeyer family led a fairly normal life until one…

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