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Helping a Foster Child Heal from Trauma

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Whether you’re a foster parent or an adoptive parent, you may encounter a child who’s gone through trauma. Trauma results from any situation where the well-being of a child or someone they loved was threatened. Many foster children have experienced either neglect or abuse or witnessed domestic violence. When traumatized children come into your home,…

4 Huge Advantages to Adopting Locally

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Now that you’ve decided to adopt, the next question is whether to adopt a child locally, domestically, or internationally. There are children everywhere that need homes, but there are a few benefits to adopting one (or several) from your local area through foster care adoption. The child can stay in his home area. With all…

Adjusting to Life After Foster Adoption in Shasta County

The decision to foster adopt in Shasta County is a life-changing decision—both for the adoptive parents and the adoptive child. Getting through the adoption process can be challenging by itself, but then there are also ongoing adjustments that need to take place for a healthy and happy life together. Grieving Losses Foster children—especially older ones—may…

Facts and Myths About Foster Care in Shasta County

There are hundreds of children in foster care in Shasta County. These children have ended up in the foster care system for a variety of reasons and are in desperate need of loving and caring homes that can provide a safe and stable experience for them. Many people consider fostering, but they feel inadequate, nervous,…

Important Qualifications to Foster Adopt in Shasta County

The practical requirements to foster adopt in Shasta County are mostly straightforward. You must be at least 21 years of age, must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States, must be physically able to care for a child, must have a stable and adequate income, must have reliable transportation, must have space…