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Teaching Healthy Boundaries to Foster Children

Fence establishing boundary line

Foster children often come from environments that did not have healthy boundaries and relationships. Because of this, they may struggle to apply proper boundaries in their interactions with others. Boundaries are lines that establish what one person will accept of another person’s actions and words. They are designed to keep out toxic behaviors, such as…

In for the Long Haul: How Foster Parents Can Prevent Burnout

foster parenting

The reports of foster parent burnouts are frequent. This is understandable, given that fostering has a number of stressful challenges, ranging from traumatized children, frequent changes in caseworkers, limited support, the nearly constant threat of losing children, and more. But it doesn’t need to end there. To maintain the stamina for long-term foster parenting, it’s…

The Foster Parent Shortage in the North State

Foster parents with multi-racial children in foster care

California has 62,000 children in foster care. According to Dr. John DeGarmo of the Foster Care Institute, the number of children being placed in the foster system has steadily been increasing nationwide while the number of foster parents has been decreasing. In Shasta County, the number of children entering foster care is more than twice…

12 Requirements for Housing Foster Care Children

foster parenting

For most, becoming a foster parent is a rewarding experience, but becoming approved to house foster children in the first place can be a long and arduous process. It is no secret that there are many income and background verifications that must take place. In addition to verifying your ability to properly support foster children,…

Aging Out: Successful Transitions from Foster Care are Possible

foster parenting

Each year, 26,000 American youth “age out” of the foster care system. In the past, these children lost everything including their homes, healthcare, financial assistance, and contact with social workers. This occurs after they may have already been abandoned, neglected, abused, and spent their lives cycling through foster homes. They are less likely to form…

Foster Parenting: Teaching Practical Life Skills to Foster Kids

foster parents

When a foster child comes to your home, you’re not only becoming a caregiver—you’re also becoming a teacher. Chances are, the child has not had the opportunity to learn practical life skills. You may be the first person to take her under your wing and teach these things. Even if the child ends up not…

Foster Care Parents Can Promote Healthy Lifestyles


As the need for two incomes has become more necessary many families are finding it difficult to make healthy choices. Parents are working more and their children are hooked on digital “babysitters”. However, with a little preparation, parents can promote healthy lifestyles for themselves and their kids. Plan ahead. Unlike pre-packaged and frozen meals, healthy…

How to Talk to Foster Adopted Children About Their Birth Parents

by Children First FFA

adopt a child

Children who’ve been adopted through the foster system usually come from troubled situations. Talking about their birth parents may be difficult and sensitive, but it’s still important to find ways to approach the topic. Adopted children have reported being concerned that it would hurt their parents’ feelings if they asked questions about their birth parents.…

How To Get Started in Foster Care

adopt a child

Around 425,000 children are in the United States foster care system. Unfortunately, in many areas, there is an ongoing shortage of foster parents. While there may be a number of factors influencing this problem, it’s not as difficult to get started in foster care as some may think. Here is an overview of the process.…