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Foster Care Agencies Provide Options for Caregivers

mother with daughter isolated on white

Raising children is no easy task, but when caring for someone else’s children, it can be even more difficult. Right now, there are nearly 60,000 foster children in California and more than 600 of them are currently living with families in Shasta County. Many of these children have psychological or behavioral issues stemming from emotional…

4 Myths About Foster Parenting

Mother and toddler

Foster parenting is quite a bit different than parenting biological children. For those who are new to foster care, there may be a few surprising realities. Here are some of the most common myths that foster parents encounter when they venture into this whole new world. Myth: My foster child will be grateful I rescued…

Discipline for Older Foster Children

Two teens sharing music on headphones

Foster children frequently come from traumatic situations, where they’ve faced abuse, neglect, rejection, or exposure to unsafe situations. As a result, there can be significant behavioral issues when an adolescent or teen comes into your home. Corporal punishment (i.e. spanking or any form of physical punishment), food denial, and removal of visitation privileges are all…

Helping Foster Children Overcome Eating Disorders

Boy eating a biscuit from a biscuit bowl

Some foster children have experienced the trauma of not having enough to eat. Others turn to food to feel a sense of control in the middle of out-of-control circumstances or emotions. For these reasons, they may exhibit a variety of unhealthy food obsessions—even at extremely young ages. It’s important that foster and adoptive parents know…

Developmental Challenges That a Foster Child Might Face

Developmental process of boy looking at school book

Foster children enter the system when there’s been a traumatic situation in their family, such as abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, or exposure to criminal activity, drugs, or alcohol. As a result, a high percentage of these children suffer from a variety of physical, cognitive, academic, and social-emotional challenges. Except for infants, the younger the…