Become a Resource Family in Shasta County | A Family is a Powerful Thing

by Children First FFA

Become a Resource Family in Shasta County

It’s easy to take your family for granted. If you come from a stable family life where parents, grandparents, siblings, and more have always been present and supportive, you might not realize how much those people have meant to you over the years. However, for a foster child who doesn’t have that stable family life…

Transitional Housing Yreka CA | The Transition from Child to Adult is a Huge Life Hurdle

by Children First FFA

Transitional Housing in Yreka CA

How many people make the transition from childhood to adulthood without going through some significant struggles along the way? It’s impossible to know the exact statistics, but it’s safe to say that most people have some kind of difficulty at this stage of life. It’s hard to adjust to being self-reliant for all of the…