True Success Stories of Foster Care

Adopt A Child

Too many times, we hear about negative things that happen in foster care, but there are many true stories of foster children who have been helped. Here are several stories of both parents and children that are sure to inspire you. Eric & Jaci Hasemeyer The Hasemeyer family led a fairly normal life until one…

Preparing Your Home for Foster Parenting

Brown-haired child in a field of grass

So you want to become a foster parent? Whether you are planning to become one in five years or you’re ready to start as soon as possible, there are a few requirements your home will need to meet. Each state has its own set of requirements, but here are some of the main ones that…

The First Day: How To Help a Foster Child Feel At Home

Sad little boy in black and white

When a foster child comes to your home, it’s often a frightening and overwhelming experience for the child. He or she is being dropped off at the house of strangers and is now at your mercy. She doesn’t know if you’re safe and he doesn’t know if you’re going to be a harsh and exacting…

Developmental Challenges That a Foster Child Might Face

by Children First FFA

Developmental process of boy looking at school book

Foster children enter the system when there’s been a traumatic situation in their family, such as abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, or exposure to criminal activity, drugs, or alcohol. As a result, a high percentage of these children suffer from a variety of physical, cognitive, academic, and social-emotional challenges. Except for infants, the younger the…