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Foster Care Programs | The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

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Foster Care Programs

Foster Care Programs | The Benefits of Weighted Blankets   Foster Care Programs | Weighted blankets have grown in popularity in recent years. They are widely used by people who suffer from anxiety or have sleep disorders. Weighted blankets are also recommended for children in the foster care program (resource program) to help with issues…

Foster Care Programs | 2 Ways to Help Encourage Empathy with Your Foster Child

by Children First FFA

foster parenting

Foster Care Programs | 2 Ways to Help Encourage Empathy with Your Foster Child Foster Care Programs (resource programs) | Children in foster care programs (resource programs) have been through a lot over the course of their short lives. They oftentimes don’t know the words to express how they are feeling and choose to show their…

Foster Parenting | Changing times – Changing language

by Children First FFA

foster parents

You may have noticed that we are using the term Resource Family interchangeably with Foster Parent. The primary reason for this is the government’s decision to morph language to better fit the needs of children and the aspirations of the child welfare system. Here’s how they define it: “A Resource Family is any individual, couple,…

How to Let Go of a Child After Foster Care

foster care programs

Ideally, foster parents provide a stable family home in which the child can grow and thrive. But foster care is meant to be a temporary solution to a complicated problem. All involved parties work together to resolve the family problems and reunite children with their natural parents. At that time, foster parents must give up…

Teaching Healthy Boundaries to Foster Children

Fence establishing boundary line

Foster children often come from environments that did not have healthy boundaries and relationships. Because of this, they may struggle to apply proper boundaries in their interactions with others. Boundaries are lines that establish what one person will accept of another person’s actions and words. They are designed to keep out toxic behaviors, such as…

In for the Long Haul: How Foster Parents Can Prevent Burnout

by Children First FFA

Foster Care Programs

The reports of foster parent burnouts are frequent. This is understandable, given that fostering has a number of stressful challenges, ranging from traumatized children, frequent changes in caseworkers, limited support, the nearly constant threat of losing children, and more. But it doesn’t need to end there. To maintain the stamina for long-term foster parenting, it’s…

The Foster Parent Shortage in the North State

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California has 62,000 children in foster care. According to Dr. John DeGarmo of the Foster Care Institute, the number of children being placed in the foster system has steadily been increasing nationwide while the number of foster parents has been decreasing. In Shasta County, the number of children entering foster care is more than twice…

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