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Homeless Former Foster Youth | How Transitional Housing is Preventing Homelessness

by Children First FFA

Homeless Former Foster Youth

Homeless Former Foster Youth | High rates of homeless former foster youth are often reported in the foster care system – which is unfortunate, but reality. It feels like a failure of the system when former foster youth are not able to transition into successful, secure adult life. Fortunately, steps are being taken to improve…

THP Plus Requirements | Understanding the THP Plus Requirements

by Children First FFA

THP Plus Requirements

THP Plus Requirements | About 25,000 older youth “age out” of foster care each year without a permanent family to support them. The THP Plus program is a great option for young adults trying to make a smooth transition into their independent lives. However, only certain individuals are eligible for this program, which is why…

Foster Care for Teens | Being a Resource Parent for Teens is an Exciting Opportunity

by Children First FFA

Foster Care for Teens

Foster Care for Teens | When you imagine your future as a resource parent, you might picture welcoming small kids into your home to help them grow and develop. That’s certainly an important part of the foster system, but foster care for teens is also very important. Whether the teen needs foster care for the…

Become a Foster Parent in Redding CA | Dream of Being a Foster Parent? You Just Have to Get Started

by Children First FFA

Become a Foster Parent in Redding CA

Become a Foster Parent in Redding CA | Want to know how to become a foster parent in Redding CA? There is plenty to know, but don’t let the need for information stand in your way of simply getting started. Too many people have the idea of being a foster parent in the back of…

Adoption from Foster Care | Is It Possible to Adopt from Foster Care?

by Children First FFA

Adoption from Foster Care

Adoption from Foster Care | As you start to consider becoming a resource parent, you may wonder about the possibility of adoption from foster care. Is it possible to adopt a child that you have been fostering, or are there rules in place that prevent that from being an option? Let’s take a look at…

Reasons to Adopt a Child | Common Myths Regarding Adoption from the Foster System

by Children First FFA

Reasons to Adopt a Child

3 Common Myths Debunked About Adopting From Foster Care And Reasons To Adopt A Child The reasons to adopt a child are many, and they are all important. Whatever your own reasons may be, they are meaningful to you and provide all the motivation you need to go through the process. Unfortunately, the option of…

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County | Two Distinct Foster Parenting Options

by Children First FFA

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County

When you decide that you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Shasta County, it’s likely that you have one of two types of situations in mind. You may be thinking more about short-term care for foster children, helping them get through a rough patch before they are reunited with their families. That’s a…

Foster Care Parent Requirements in Shasta County | Tips for Prospective Foster Parents

by Children First FFA

Foster Care Parent Requirements in Shasta County

As you work on meeting the foster care parent requirements in Shasta County, you may have a few questions – and some nervous feelings about what is to come. It’s an exciting time, for sure, but it can also be a little intimidating. Let’s work through a few tips for prospective foster parents to hopefully…

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