FAQ Page

Please see our Qualifications page.

The reasons and situation will need to be discussed. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. While you are at work, children in foster care need to be in approved child care or school. You will learn more details when you speak with our representative.

If you’re not ready to commit to being a full-time foster parent, you can consider becoming a “respite care” provider, which means offering short-term care for the child when foster parents need some time away.

Yes, however they must be locked up, with ammunition stored separately in accordance with community care licensing standards.

New legislation allows children to stay in foster care after the age of 18 if they meet certain criteria.

Yes, we provide a generous care reimbursement for each child placed in your home that is determined by the State of California.

No, and many of our successful parents are single. You do need to be 21 years of age to qualify.

Foster children may suffer from a variety of abandonment, neglect, and abuse issues which can contribute to emotional and behavioral problems. However there are support systems in place to help both the children and their foster parents while in their care. A social worker from Children First is assigned to each child and family. They will be very supportive in this process.

About 50% of the time

The focus of foster parenting is reunification with the biological parents. However when that process fails, children may become available for adoption and are often adopted by their foster parents. 37% of foster children are adopted by foster parents.

We review requests on a case by case basis, but typically it depends on the age and gender of both children.

Yes, we do our best to make the most appropriate placements. There may be times that we will call you for interest if there is a child outside of your requested age/gender and Children First thinks that your home would be an appropriate placement.

While the maximum is six, the actual number depends on several factors, including the number of bedrooms and space available in those bedrooms.

It can vary from a week to several months, or maybe even longer.